Top 15 Quick And Tasty Video Recipes For The Everyday Busy Bee

Looking for a quick an easy recipe to whip up for the day? Worry no more. We compiled top video recipes that any novice to expert cook can make in a flash. Well not as fast as the flash but its fast and most importantly satisfyingly tasty to arouse your taste buds that might have recently died from the fast food you've got used to. Best part of these recipes are the simple step by step video tutorials provided. This will take out the guess work out. And refrain you from following the normal recipe text only instructions your used to. Now that the doubt you have in questioning if your doing it right is out lets get cooking.


1. Greek Yogurt Pancakes (Everyday Belle)

Because we always have room for another Greek yogurt recipe! In this video, Everyday Belle whips up single-serving (but easily multiplied) pancakes using the yogurt as a protein-rich, filling anchor for this four-ingredient recipe. Thanks to drool-worthy close-ups of the cooking process, you can almost reach out and feel how fluffy the golden-brown discs are as she flips them on the pan. And you can use flavored Greek yogurt to add a little fruit or sweetness to the mix.

2. Flourless Oat and Almond Butter Muffins With Goji and Dark Chocolate (Fit Men Cook)

This video lasts only a minute, which is fitting since throwing together these flourless, gluten-free muffins doesn’t take much longer. Half the batter comes together in the blender, and the rest is just a quick stir and scoop into the muffin pan. The result: six wholesome and portable treats. Bake up a batch on a lazy Sunday, and you’ll have breakfast set for the week.

3. Chia Seed Pudding Breakfast (Nicko’s Kitchen)

If you’ve never worked with chia seeds before, watching this video is a great way to get a sense of how these tiny superfood spheres thicken up into a gel-like consistency, perfect for mimicking the texutre of pudding. This clip also includes a recipe for rhubarb compote, giving a useful visual guide for cooking with this lesser-used plant. But don’t worry if it’s not rhubarb season; alternatives are offered too.

4. 3 Delicious Breakfast Pitas (Domestic Geek)

You get three recipes for the click of one button with this video, which features a trio of quick and healthy spins on scrambled eggs, each with a distinctive flavor profile, nestled into a carb-y pita pocket. With cheesy, spicy, or even Hawaiian-inspired twists on the breakfast staple, it's multiple choice for a hearty, quick, and protein-rich start to your day.

5. Crepes (Jenny Can Cook)

Right off the bat, Jenny Jones’s casual, laid-back approach puts you at ease in this video, which is reassuring since crepes have a reputation of being finicky and tricky to flip. Ingredient swaps, like 1 percent instead of whole milk and canola oil for butter, keep these light. Jones also ditches the need to religiously stick to measurements and still ends up with a pretty perfect, papery-thin stack, taking the fuss out of the recipe and giving you the confidence to attempt it yourself.

6. Summer Porridge (Sorted Food)

Devoted to offering budget-friendly and easy recipes, Sorted Food is the top global cooking show on YouTube. Begin with their video for the classic (and gorgeous!) Bircher muesli before you get sucked into the rest of their impressive collection. Grated apple brings sweetness and a hit of antioxidants to the base, and natural yogurt adds protein and creaminess. Using (very scientific) measurements like “a big fistful” and some amusing trivia about the origins of the dish, it’s entertaining and educational at the same time—multitasking at its best!

Salads, Snacks, and Soups

7. Candied Sweet Potato Fries (Tara Stiles)

When a recipe calls for “eyeballing” ingredients, it can result in either a culinary masterpiece or disaster, depending on your comfort level with winging it. That’s why it’s helpful to actually watch Tara Stiles make these candied “fries” and see how she freely pours out coconut oil and maple syrup. Thankfully, the dish is very forgiving and loaded up with nutritional benefits: Coconut oil, sweet potato, and maple syrup bring beta-carotene and polyphenols to the plate in addition to deliciousness.

8. Creamy Potato Salad (Dani Spies)

If there’s one reason to watch this video (aside from the fact that it’screamy potato salad), it’s to discover Dani Spies’s genius tactic for making Greek yogurt taste like mayo. At the same time, she also isn’t afraid to use some of the real stuff either—a reflection of her philosophy that healthy eating doesn’t require an all-or-nothing approach. Throwing in boiled eggs for more protein, she takes this rich, heavy picnic staple to a lighter, more balanced place.

9. Almond Cauliflower Chilled Soup (Joyous Health)

Joy McCarthy’s channel is a treasure trove of recipes guaranteed to be bursting with healthy bonuses, and the best part is the host’s breakdown of the nutritional benefits of each ingredient as she uses it—who better to trust with that information than a registered and certified holistic nutritionist? This flavorful dish comes together in the blender, so it's just seconds till soup’s on. One silky, tangy bowl provides protein from the almonds, vitamin C from the cauliflower, and vitamin K from the cucumber.

10. Pizza Scones (Mind Over Munch)

Alyssia’s energy is so downright infectious, it’s impossible not to crack a smile as she lists out all the reasons to make this recipe that includes, “Pizza makes you go AHHHH!” Here she pairs a fast-food favorite with a teatime classic for a baked good hybrid that could give the cronut some competition. What’s more, it’s ridiculously simple and surprisingly healthy. With a speedy, made-from-scratch dough that’s gluten-free and Paleo-friendly, we may never order delivery again.

11. Baked Buffalo Wings (Hilah Cooking)

We love how Hilah Johnson talks to her viewers like they’re her friends watching her cook via Google Hangouts. Just witness the first step in this recipe: Get yourself a drink! Clearly she doesn’t take herself—or her recipes—too seriously. That said, Johnson knows her way around a kitchen because these crispy wings, with a fraction of the butter and baked instead of fried, look supremely delicious. Johnson also uses traditional Frank’s Hot Sauce to bump up the heat here, and she includes a how-to for cutting the perfect drumette from those wings, plus a lightened-up blue cheese sauce for dipping.

12. Crispy Kale Chips (Fablunch)

If making kale chips has always struck you as way too fussy, this video by Olga Bykina at Fablunch may just change your mind. Bykina does a good job selling kale chips as “one of the healthiest snacks out there,” reminding us that they’re high in fiber and iron, and loaded up with vitamins A and C. With non-obscure ingredients, clearly outlined steps, and helpful tips, her basic template shows just how straightforward it is to throw a pan together. And if you wanna riff of the basic batch, there’s plenty of other suggested seasonings. Chipotle pepper chips, anyone?


13. Green Pepper Bowls (Brettcap)

Brett Cap’s YouTube channel focuses on fitness and exercise, but with this video, he shows us that a post-workout meal doesn’t have to mean a protein shake and egg whites. Filled to the brim with generously seasoned chicken, rice, and veggies, these green pepper bowls are a real-food way to refuel muscles, or simply a well-rounded dinner for busy weeknights. Lean protein from the chickenand antioxidants from the broccoli and peppers cover the nutritional bases. Plus, you gotta love any meal served in edible vessels!

14. Zucchini Pasta With Creamy Pesto (Deliciously Ella)

Frankly, we’d eat anything Ella Woodward made in her bright and airy kitchen. But our first choice would be these zucchini—or “courgettes,” as Woodward calls them in her British accent—noodles, which are all the rage these days. In this video, Woodward demonstrates how anybody can make them, even without a spiralizer. Watch as she tops them with an inventive, vegan twist on traditional pesto made from heart-healthy avocado and Brazil nuts. She also adds sautéed mushrooms for a warm, meaty touch to the otherwise raw meal.

15. The Creamiest Mac and Cheese (The Sweetest Vegan)

Vegan mac and cheese variations seem endless these days, but Tasha Edwards’s stands out in that it doesn’t rely on nuts or tofu for the cheese sauce. Instead, she replaces the usual fat- and dairy-bomb with a potassium- and fiber-filled mix of puréed sweet potato,beans, and bell pepper. Edwards is also refreshingly up-front about her own cooking process, admitting mistakes she made during previous attempts at the dish and having initially low expectations about it at first. Thankfully, she was blown away by this mac and cheese, and we’re happy to reap the benefits.

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